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March 15, 2018 

Pancreatic NanoKnife

What’s new in Pancreatic Cancer and NanoKnife after AHPBA 2018

Last week was the annual 2018 meeting of the American Hepatobiliary-PancreaticoBiliary association held in Miami Beach at the Lowe’s Hotel. Altogether 350 lectures and poster sessions; with 10 dedicated NanoKnife. Overall it was rather prosaic with many discussions of marginal relevancy but a few stood out. The Pancreatic meetings focused primarily on prediction of outcome and complication reduction. No new chemotherapy advances were revealed; but some disappointment surrounded excitement by some national leaders about several ongoing trials in the re-configuring of the same 4 agents. Immunotherapy continues to impact 5% of PanCan patients, but induced cell membrane changes stimulating various arms of the immune system may significantly increase that number potentially to 20%! 

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Pancreatic Nanoknife Ablation demonstrating benefit of Open over Percutaneous technique.

I have written numerous times that in order for Nanoknife ablation of the Pancreas to be successful the probes must be placed entirely around the tumor. This requires 3D planning and multi-planar positioning. 

In the attached photo of a Pancreatic Duct Adenocarcinoma (PDAC)...

South Florida surgeon uses unique nanoknife procedure

South Florida Surgeon Offers Those with Pancreatic, Liver Cancer Hope Through Unique Procedure

July 16, 2018 

Probiotics and the Cancer Patient

Recently a number of Cancer patients and their caregivers have asked about the safety of taking Probiotics around their surgery. In my case that means around the time of their Pancreatic, Liver and NanoKnife operations. There is no fixed  answer about Probiotics as there are many factors that influence whether it is beneficial; but first and foremost you the patient or caregiver must be totally honest and forthright with your physician and surgeon if you are taking them and they should definitely not be resumed until being cleared by your doctor....

8 January, 2018 By Robert B Donoway M.D., F.A.C.S.