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Advanced Extremities Sarcoma Specialist

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Robert B. Donoway, M.D., FACS

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Advanced Extremities Sarcoma


Extremities sarcoma refers to cancerous tumors that develop in the soft tissues of your arms and legs. Robert Donoway, MD, FACS, at Atlas Oncology, has extensive experience diagnosing and staging these rare cancers. Then he creates personalized treatment based on the stage of cancer and your overall health. Dr. Donoway is also an expert in the cutting-edge NanoKnife® procedure, which can effectively treat inoperable advanced extremities sarcoma. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Hollywood, Florida, or book an appointment online.

Advance Extremities Sarcoma Q & A

What are soft tissue sarcomas?

Sarcomas are a large group of rare cancers that develop in soft tissues, as well as bones. Sarcomas that develop in soft tissues may occur in muscles, tendons, fat, blood vessels, and lymph vessels throughout the body.

About half of all soft tissue sarcomas are found in the extremities. They develop in the legs more often than arms, with the thigh being the most common site in the body.

What should I know about extremity soft tissue sarcomas?

Extremity sarcomas begin as a noticeable lump or swelling. Although extremity sarcomas seldom cause pain at first, they can become painful as they grow. One of the key characteristics of extremity soft tissue sarcoma is that it continues to grow, getting larger over weeks to months.

If you notice a lump that’s growing or painful, it’s important to see a specialist like Dr. Donoway. He’s an expert at identifying suspicious lumps that may not seem dangerous to professionals who aren’t familiar with rare cancers.

After performing a biopsy, Dr. Donoway stages and grades your extremity soft tissue sarcoma. Staging defines whether the cancer has spread, and if so, how far. Grading predicts how rapidly it may grow and spread. Both scores are used to determine your treatment.

How are extremity soft tissue sarcomas treated?

Surgery to remove the tumor is the first line of treatment for extremity soft tissue sarcomas. You may receive chemotherapy prior to surgery to shrink the tumor and make it easier to remove.

Chemotherapy or radiation may also be recommended after surgery, to ensure all cancerous cells are destroyed. Radiation following surgery also helps lower your risk of the cancer coming back.

Many oncologists consider advanced extremity soft tissue sarcoma to be inoperable, but Dr. Donoway still offers hope. He’s one of the few experts in NanoKnife® treatment for inoperable soft tissue tumors.

What is a NanoKnife® procedure?

If your extremity soft tissue sarcoma is inoperable, Dr. Donoway may recommend a NanoKnife procedure, which is performed using the NanoKnife’s long, needle-like electrodes.

While you’re under general anesthesia, Dr. Donoway precisely inserts two or more electrodes along the outer edges of your tumor. When they’re in place and activated, they create an electric field around the tumor. This field destroys the tumor cells, eliminating the sarcoma while preserving the surrounding tissues.

If you discover a lump on an arm or leg, or you have questions about extremity soft tissue sarcoma, call Atlas Oncology or schedule an appointment online.